Tuesday, 21 August 2012


What can I expect from a consultation?

A good holistic health practitoner will consider your "Whole Health"and take a detailed history to establish what is the cause of your condition. Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, Ancestral.  The root of all disease is multifactorial and as such needs to be considered from a broad and holistic perspective.

How is a Holistic approach different from Conventional medicine?

We take time..................to consider..............and listen..............to your story.  There are many sides to being healthy, getting well and achieving lasting good health.  Holistic natural medicine is not a prescription pad practice.  It considers how diet and lifestyle as well as attitude play a role in a healthy body and mind.  Medicines are used to support your body to self heal and never with the intent of becoming addicted or dependent. 

What if my children don't like the herbal or other natural medicine?

In our practice in Melbourne http://www.cmchealth.com.au/about/page_info.php/6/37 and Healesville http://www.eluvi.com.au/ we use an array of herbs, supplements and homoeopathics to help babies and beyond. Very rarely do we experience children that cannot take the remedies.  We have many tricks up our sleeve to help with this so that results come fast.  This help parents feel confident and relaxed which in itself improves compliance.

How long will it take to achieve results?

Results come to those who are ready.  With an alert and attentive mind patients find that recovery comes quickly.  For example I have had babies covered head to toe in eczema who have experienced 80% improvement in several weeks. The parents have made the necessary changes to diet and lifestyle factors and taken all the prescribed medicines with diligence.  When all the ingredients are right the body can heal itself with great speed.

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